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Hiring A Reliable Accident Attorney In Orlando

September 4, 2017

Being involved in an accident can be traumatic for anyone. Having your car damaged is never a pleasant thought; add physical injury to yourself or your loved ones and it can be a nightmarish experience. While it may be enough to settle with the party at fault if it’s just a minor scrape to your own vehicle, you need to be prudent if your car has suffered heavy damage or if you, your friends or family members were injured in the accident. In case of physical personal injury, not only will you have medical bills to deal with but you may also face a loss of wages because of extended absence at work.

It is imperative that you seek the services of a reputed accident attorney in Orlando in such a case. You may wonder if it’s really worth the trouble and expense. Most accident attorneys work on a contingency basis; that is, you pay them if they win the case. They will charge you a percentage of the damages the at-fault party has to pay – usually about 30 to 40 percent.

If this seems like a big amount to you, take a look at this: Insurance Company X tried to settle an accident case of their client’s, by offering to pay $ 2,000; the victim Z was quite happy and thought it was a big sum. But he approached a lawyer C, for advice. The lawyer pushed to settle at the maximum limit of the party at fault – which happened to be $12,500. Even if lawyer C took 40% of that amount, Z still got $7500 – more than double of what the Insurance Company X tried to settle at initially. It makes a lot of sense now, doesn’t it?

How soon should you contact a lawyer? Our advice is, as soon as possible. Once you’ve had your vehicle taken away for repairs and serious injuries (if any) looked at by a doctor, the next person you should be calling is your car accident attorney in Orlando.

If you are not already connected to such an attorney, you need to find one as quickly as you can – preferably within a week, or two at the max. The best place to look is online directories. If a coworker, friend or family member had used the services of an accident lawyer recently, ask them. You can also shortlist a couple of attorneys, check out the experience level, skill, and fee payment structure, and then choose the one that you determined will handle the case best. Keep in mind that you may still incur some out-of-pocket expenses; be sure to ask your lawyer about those. You can also inquire about the typical settlement that can be expected for a case similar to yours.

An experienced personal injury attorney in Orlando will be able to negotiate effectively with the other party to get you the maximum possible benefit. At Bryan W Crews, we have over 30 years of experience in dealing with accident cases; we have taken over 100 cases to trial.

We believe in giving our clients the best representation possible, and will go to any length permissible by law to ensure that our clients get the highest benefits. We have a professional and committed team that works cohesively to thoroughly investigate and analyze the facts of the case so that we are fully prepared.

Have you or a loved one been involved in an accident? Every minute is precious! Don’t delay – hire a reliable accident attorney.

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