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Orlando personal injury lawyer McDonalds Case Review

September 24, 2017

Those injured as a result of negligence often do not realize what they are entitled to financially, and should speak with Bryan W. Crews, your Orlando, Florida, personal injury lawyer.

In 1992, Stella Liebeck, an elderly woman from New Mexico was severely burned, receiving third degree burns on sixteen percent of her body.  Ms. Liebeck spent eight days in the hospital where she received skin grafts.  In total, her recovery lasted two years.

The cause of Ms. Liebeck’s severe burns?  McDonald’s coffee brewed at dangerously high temperatures.  Perhaps you have heard of the case.  Ms. Liebeck’s case is often cited as support for the proposition that some personal injury cases are frivolous.  However, Ms. Liebecks injuries were not frivolous.

At the outset, desiring to cover her medical costs, Ms. Liebeck only demanded $20,000 in damages to compensate for her $13,000 bill.  McDonald’s refused, and offered a mere $800.  With the help of legal counsel, Ms. Liebeck sued, and was eventually awarded $160,000 in compensatory damages, and $480,000 in punitive damages.

Personal injury victims in Orlando, Florida, seeking legal representation can contact Bryan W. Crews for a case evaluation.  Ms. Liebeck’s story is common.  Personal injury victims often do not realize all that they are entitled to, and may even face resistance when seeking financial compensation.  Bryan W. Crews works tirelessly to seek the full compensation for his clients.

The facts and circumstances of personal injury cases are often complex, and require diligent representation to navigate the intricacies of Florida law.  Bryan W. Crews, a Orlando, Florida, personal injury attorney, can help you or your family member understand compensatory damages, punitive damages, the applicable statute of limitations, and the pure comparative negligence rule.

Each case is different, and results are not guaranteed.  That is why Bryan W. Crews and his dedicated staff work tirelessly to represent the interests of Orlando, Florida residents.  Like Ms. Liebeck, you may not know be aware of all legal options available to you for recovery.

What many do not know about Ms. Liebeck’s case is that McDonalds was brewing its coffee significantly hotter than industry standards.  During the course of Ms. Liebeck’s trial, the jury learned that hundreds of others were burned by McDonald’s coffee.  In other words, they knew, and did nothing.

If you or a family member have been the victim of negligence, please contact Bryan W. Crews today, your Orlando personal injury lawyer to receive an evaluation of your case.

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