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Medical Malpractice

October 3, 2017

Doctors and medical professionals perform an invaluable service, improving and saving countless lives.  Their services, and advancements in medical technology have led to increased lifespan and quality of life for many Americans.  Despite their accomplishments and honorable endeavors, medical malpractice, according to a 2016 study, “may now be the third-leading cause of death in the United States – claiming 251,000 lives every year, more than respiratory disease, accidents, stroke and Alzheimer’s.  These numbers include everything from bad doctors to more systemic issues such as communication breakdowns when patients are handed off from one department to another.”  According to the National Practitioner Data Bank there were over 24,000 adverse action reports from 2012 to 2016 in Florida alone, and 433,151 adverse action reports nationally during that same time.

We place great trust in out physicians.  Medical procedures are inherently risky, and we turn to seasoned medical professionals for treatment.  When that trust is broken, it can be devastating, leaving patients with long term injury.  Bryan W. Crews is a medical malpractice attorney skilled in personal injury.  As a season personal injury attorney, Bryan W. Crews evaluates each case thoroughly, reviewing the facts to seek the highest possible recovery.  Florida is one of the top four states for instances of medical malpractice.

Tragically, routine steps during the course of surgery often result in injury or death.  In 2003, a young girl from Mexico died during a heart transplant at Duke University Hospital.   Her death was the result of “a heart lung transplant with organs of the wrong blood type. Ms. Santillán had type O blood; the organs were type A and her body rejected them, sending her into a coma like state.”  After waiting for three years to receive a transplant, and an unsuccessful attempt to correct the failed surgery, the young girl from Mexico who came to America for medical treatment slipped into a coma due to complications was eventually disconnected from life support.

Other examples of medical malpractice include bypassing the wrong artery, performing surgery on the wrong patient, drilling a hole on the wrong side of a patient’s head, a fertility clinic impregnating a woman with the wrong sperm, ignoring patients in the emergency room for 24 hours, improperly administering anesthesia, leaving surgical tools inside a patient, and amputating the wrong leg.  Medical malpractice is unacceptable, and you have every right under the law to be compensated for your injuries, or the loss of a family member due to negligence.  Physicians undergo years of training and education.  Their expertise should be the cause of healing, comfort, and renewed qualify of life for patients.  However, more and more, doctors and medical professionals are operating in complete disregard for the well-being of their patient’s.

As skilled professionals, doctors are held to a national standard.  Their conduct is judged according to accepted practices within their professional community.  When their practice deviates from this standard, or they act carelessly, they are liable for the resulting physical and mental anguish.

Plaintiffs are entitled to compensation for all damages.  Including fair, adequate, and complete compensation for economic damages, such as medical expenses, lost wages due to time away from work, and noneconomic damages, such as pain and suffering.  You even have a right to future damages.  Incapacitated plaintiffs can demand or sue for impaired future earning capacity.

Using the legal system to secure compensation also sends a message to the medical community.  As the statistics above show, medical malpractice is on the rise, and has affected countless Americans and Floridians alike.  If you or a family member in Orland have suffered an injury due to medical malpractice, contact Bryan W. Crews, your Orlando medical malpractice attorney.

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