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Kissimmee Slip and Fall Personal Injury Attorney

December 29, 2017

When you enter the property of another, you expect that the premises are safe, and free from dangerous hazards.  Kissimmee property owners owe their guests and patrons a duty.  They are required to keep their restaurants, retail stores, and private residences free from defects that could cause invitees or licensees harm.  While most property owners are proactive, some landowners fail to repair or warn guests or patrons of dangerous conditions. Slip and fall injuries can result in irreparable harm.  Bryan W. Crews is a Kissimmee personal injury attorney with decades of experience.  Contact the Kissimmee attorneys at Bryan W. Crews today for a free consultation.

Guests in a hotel are owed a duty of care.  When you stay in a hotel, you expect that the premises are safe.  Consider the following.  The fire alarm goes off mid-evening in an upscale hotel. You are residing safely in your hotel room.  When you hear the alarm, you proceed towards the nearest exit.  As you enter the lobby, you hear the wail of the fire alarm, and speed towards the door.  Except, as you walk across the tile, you slip and fall on a puddle of water and land on your back.  As you land on your back, your head slams against the tile.  Later you learn, the puddle of water that you tripped on had been sitting there for hours.  This circumstance is more than likely the result of negligence on behalf of the hotel.  Business owners are required to keep their walkways free of defects that could result in injury.

The standard of care changes depending on the type of property, and the status of the guest.  Invitees, or business patrons, are owed the highest duty of care in Kissimmee.  Business owners owe their patrons a duty.  This duty includes inspecting the premises, and warning of any defects.

When you sustain injuries on a business owner’s property, you are entitled to make a claim for compensation for your injury.  Kissimmee attorneys at Bryan W. Crews have experience litigating premises liability cases in Kissimmee.  Contact our offices today you’re a free case evaluation.

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