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What to do After You Have Been Injured: Documenting Your Personal Injury

October 16, 2017

Document everything.  Those two words should be your guide as you deal with the aftermath of an accident.  Winning your personal injury case or settling an insurance claim will more often than not depend on whether there is sufficient proof.  Bryan W. Crews has been representing personal injury plaintiffs in Orlando for many years and is well versed in personal injury law.  The lawyers at Bryan W. Crews can help you document everything.


Write down everything.  Our memories are not perfect and sometimes unreliable.  As time goes by, memories fade and details are lost.  As soon as you are able, make notes, on a computer or in a notebook of everything that you can remember.  Even events that you think are immaterial, write them down!  A personal injury attorney can sort out the details later, but not if there are no details.


Make a timeline of everything you can remember on the date of the accident.  Try to map out everywhere you went and pay particular attention to the events immediately preceding and immediately after your injury.  Some of these details will not matter in evaluating your case.  However, Bryan W. Crews, your Orlando personal injury attorney, will sift through these details and decide their significance.  Did you work a double shift before getting behind the wheel?  What did you have to drink with dinner?  Were you on any medication that you do not normally take?  These details can be important but might not seem significant if they did not occur immediately before or after your injury.  Whatever the case, withholding these details can be detrimental if discovered later.


Taking photographs and keeping relevant evidence is critical.  During the stress of an accident or injury it may not occur to you or a family member to take photographs.  Depending on where the injury happens, the event may have been captured by security cameras, dash cams, or other witnesses.  Byran W. Crews and his staff can request this documentation on your behalf.  If you have sustained injuries, document them by taking photos or seeing a medical professional. Do not delay, as time goes by some evidence may be lost.  Gathering recent photos of your condition prior to the accident is also helpful for comparison.


Schedule an appointment with your medical professional as soon as possible.  For your personal well-being and to capture your injuries with an official record and obtain a diagnosis.  It is important to establish a baseline of your medical condition before and after the accident.  If possible, request a copy of each and every medical document.  These can be obtained later but medical records are protected by HIPAA and it can take time to obtain them.


Keep track of all your medical bills.  Visits to the emergency room, your physician, and any other expenses incurred as result of your injury form the basis of your personal injury claim.  A personal injury attorney will uses these expenses when working on your behalf to obtain compensation for pain and suffering.  This also includes lost wages.  Keep an accounting of any time away from your job.  Bryan W. Crews, your Orlando personal injury attorney, will work tirelessly for you and seek just compensation.

Your quality of life is important and an injury can impair your ability to work, enjoy your family, and have long lasting effects on your health.  Documenting every aspect of your personal injury will allow Bryan W. Crews and his experienced staff to fight for you.

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