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Important Questions to Ask your Orlando Accident Attorney

September 14, 2017

If you’ve been involved in an accident that resulted in major damage to your vehicle or physical injury to yourself, it’s important to engage the services of an experienced accident attorney in Orlando. Once you have found someone to represent you, you need to ask them some questions so that you have clarity at the outset. Here they are:

Q. What do I have to do?

This is very important; understand what documents and other supporting evidence you need to provide to your lawyer – documenting injuries, medical records, photograph, and so on. Ask your attorney exactly what they need to make your case strong; this will help them get you the maximum benefits in a settlement.

Q. What is your fee structure?

This is a no-brainer, but many often forget. Ask your attorney whether they need a retainer, or you need to pay them hourly, or you pay them a percentage of your settlement. Get this clear so there is no unpleasantness later. If they work on a no win no pay basis, ask if there are any out of pocket expenses you may incur.

Q. What is your assessment of my case?

A good lawyer will study your case thoroughly and be able to tell you what factors can favor you and what could go against you, from experience. Ask if a negotiation would be better, or whether you need to go to trial.

Q. How much time will it take for the case to be resolved?

Your lawyer may not be able to provide a definitive answer to this question, however, they can certainly give you a timeframe within which you can expect a resolution.

Q. What is the compensation I can get?

It makes good sense to ask this question because getting your or your family’s injuries can be quite expensive; add to that – loss of wages due to extended absence at work, therapy or rehabilitation, repairing your vehicle, and you can literally have a mountain of bills. Your accident lawyer in Orlando will give you the best idea of how much compensation to expect, and help you keep your expectations reasonable.

Q. What work is included in your representation of me with the Insurance company?

Whether it’s your own insurance company or that of the other party, there is going to be a great deal of paperwork and talking to be done. Find out how much of the negotiation and paperwork your Orlando injury attorney will handle for you. A good lawyer will take care of most of the work so that the Insurance Company will take you seriously.

Q. Can I claim compensation for future medical expenses?

Some serious injuries can continue to trouble you for a long period of time – even years after the accident. You may have received adequate compensation for your current medical issues, but what if the injury creates recurring problems or extended physiotherapy or rehabilitation? Find out from your attorney if you can get some compensation for such medical expenses in the future.

Q. I’m permanently disabled. What now?

Sadly, a bad crash can leave people permanently disabled. In the unfortunate event this happens to you, ask your lawyer if you can sue the person at fault. Remember that this will take time, and you will need some support in the meantime.  Ask your Orlando personal injury lawyer if they can help you get social security disability benefits to help you deal with the situation.

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