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Elevator And Escalator Accidents- Hoist Accident Attorney Law

January 16, 2018

Elevators and escalators are a routine part of our lives. Every day, there are thousands of people ride escalators to transport them from floor to floor inside department stores, subways, train stations and other places. Elevator hoists are used in the construction industry also. However, the worst part is when something goes wrong, it can be responsible for devastating injuries. That is, any failure in the chain, driver, rope, cord, line or pulley can result in catastrophic or even fatal accidents.

Mainly hoist accidents are caused by the inappropriate servicing or installation of the hoist equipment which could have been detected by the performance of proper inspection, servicing, and maintenance.


There are numerous parties responsible for the safety of hoisting equipment. If you were injured in a hoisting accident, and want to file a claim against the responsible party, it is important that there be a record of the following:

  • Analysis of wear and damage of hooks, ropes, and brakes
  • Comprehensive inspection schedule
  • Manufacturer’s suggestions
  • Defective equipment list

Has someone you know been injured in a hoisting accident?

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We are prepared to work on cases including:

  • Cranes striking buildings or causing debris to fall unexpectedly
  • Cranes falling and injuring workers or innocent bystanders on the street
  • Cranes tipping or collapsing, injuring or killing the operators and trapping individuals underneath
  • Crush injuries and broken bones caused by accidents
  • Head and brain injuries as the result of falling cranes and crane equipment
  • Spinal cord injuries and neck injuries from cranes or falling debris
  • Wrongful death of a worker or bystander due to the crane accident

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