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March 31, 2018
Personal injury law is primarily based on tort law.  A tort is a civil wrong.  Criminal matters are handled by prosecutors that enforce the law.  While personal injury is also governed by law, when someone injures you, it is not entirely accurate to say they have ‘
March 29, 2018
You may have read in the news recently about a mother from Jacksonville, Florida that recently discovered doctors left an epidural needle in her spine, fourteen years ago.  Amy Bright, 41 years old, has endured many years of severe back pain.  The source of that pain
March 27, 2018
Perhaps no state in the union has more recreational boating than Florida.  Recreational boating also makes up a very large percentage of Florida’s overall tourism industry.  With its year-round beautiful weather and extensive coastal access, residents and tourists a
March 25, 2018
Kissimmee Personal Injury Attorneys March 31, 2018 If you have been injured and do not know what do next, contact a legal professional as soon as possible.  Waiting can be costly.  The law places timeframes on your right to bring a lawsuit.  These timeframes are call
March 23, 2018
At one point or another, we have all glanced at our phone, composed a text message, stared too long at the GPS, or, in more severe cases, used a cell phone for an extensive period of time to watch a video or read an article while driving.  One study cited in this artic
March 21, 2018
Winter Garden Attorneys Intentional infliction of emotional distress is a type of harm that occurs when someone is injured by extreme and outrageous conduct.  It is a very difficult claim to prove, and it is many times frivolously alleged.  To succeed in a claim for i
March 18, 2018
Medical malpractice cases are generally sought by patients who have been harmed due to poor medical treatment from a medical practitioner. It is one of the most complex kinds of personal injury law. Believe it or not, medical negligence is the third leading cause of dea
March 17, 2018
Lake Buena Vista Personal Injury Attorneys Accidents and personal injuries are complex matters, and sometimes more than one person is at fault.  In a typical scenario, a careless driver causes an accident and the injured motorist recovers 100% of the cost of their inju
March 15, 2018
Winter Park Property Rights As a possessor of land, you have the right to exclude others from your property.  Whether you own, rent, or lease your property, your right to use includes the right to unfettered interference.  There are two common claims you can bring aga
March 11, 2018
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 4,957 motorcycle fatalities and 93,000 motorcycle injuries in 2012.  Riding is a great recreational activity and an exhilarating way to see the beautiful landscapes that Florida has to offer. 
March 9, 2018
Orange County Personal Injury Attorney This month, a Putnam County man was attacked and bitten by three dogs.  According to the article, the man “was jogging along East Cowpen Lake Road on Feb. 24 when his exercise was interrupted by three dogs.  According to the o
March 7, 2018
Oak Ridge Personal Injury Attorneys Accidents caused by careless behavior constitute the vast majority of Oak Ride personal injury cases.  However, an intentional or wanton behavior is also actionable in civil court.  Assault and battery are common terms that are ofte
March 5, 2018
Children are precious and full of wonder.  They are adventurous, and sometimes they find themselves in precarious situations.  Courts sometimes used the words “tender years” to describe children, particularly in the context of what the law calls an attractive nuis
March 3, 2018
Hot coffee, rupturing silicone breast implants, addictive tobacco products, and faulty ignition switches are all examples of prominent products liability cases in the United States.  When any product fails to perform as intended and causes harm, the manufacturer, distr
March 1, 2018
If you were recently injured and required extensive medical treatment, you may be wondering whether the person responsible for your injuries is liable.  Like many people, you may be receiving frequent bills and notices from your healthcare provider.  Depending on the
February 22, 2018
In most states, owners of the property are obliged to maintain their premises and ensure they are safe. They are legally mandated to eliminate hazards on their property and to carry out regular repairs to ensure this; if there are any hazards, they are required to give
February 18, 2018
Assignment on leases is typical a  term known by everyone, yet the greater part of them don’t know about it completely.  An assignment is the transfer of rights from one party called the “assignor” to another party called the “assignee”. An assignment wi
February 18, 2018
A wrongful death is a legal term describing the death of an individual caused by another either negligently or through intentional harm. Usually, the surviving members of the victim’s seek a wrongful death claim or lawsuit to obtain compensation for their emotional an
February 13, 2018
When a patient is injured due to the negligence of a medical professional, they may be able to file a lawsuit. Claiming a medical malpractice, especially in Kissimmee Florida, is not an easy task. It is quite complicated as you will have to meet a few officials and prov
February 11, 2018
Getting injured can be upsetting. The injury cases in the US are higher than before and it is quintessential to be well-informed about the law and formalities to help you or your loved one come back to a stable life after a trauma. A Kissimmee Fl personal injury attorne
February 9, 2018
You have come to the right place. In the event that you or a loved one has been the victim of a truck accident, an expert accident lawyer could possibly help. Due to the fact of their sizeable size, semi-truck accidents are usually complex and in most cases cause seriou
February 7, 2018
Car accidents are commonplace and in Florida, there are roughly over 600,000 car accidents every year according to Florida’s Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website.  While car accidents happen every day, not all drivers successfully recover the financial compensat
February 5, 2018
The success of your personal injury claim may depend on whether the defendant asserts a viable defense.  There are a number of legal theories and defense strategies that may prove fatal to your claim. Even though the defendant is the proximate cause of your injuries, h
February 3, 2018
If you have suffered an injury caused by a drunk driver, or someone under the influence of alcohol, you may be able to bring suit against the person or establishment that served them.  Intoxication slows response times and can lead to poor decision making resulting in
February 1, 2018
If you’ve been involved in an accident that resulted in major damage to your vehicle or physical injury to yourself, it’s important to engage the services of an experienced accident attorney in Kissimmee. Once you have found someone to represent you, you need to ask
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